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Re: New packages

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> > Joel Klecker <jk@espy.org> posted a patch a week or two ago that needs
> > to be merged with the libc package.  Something to do about the ldso
> > and ldconfig packages I think.
> Oki, who's handling libc6?

Whoever wants it.  Igor was working on it - but he's decided not to go
for the NetWinder.
> > > As I say, as long as we have base, we're more or less home free... :)
> > 
> > The xfree86 package is a big one too.  A huge percentage of the
> > packages in Debian depend upon that.
> Yeah... I have to rebuild at least 4 or five of the packages I've
> uploaded, as soon as X is done...
> I have been thinking about getting to work on that, but my slow link
> killed that enthusiasm... :) I'll see what I can do as soon as my
> 'base packages in the works' are done and uploaded...

I might take a stab at it as well.  I've got a slow connection too -
but it's 24 hours a day.  :-)


 - Jim

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