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Re: Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, jed-common

Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> writes:

> Isn't the ${shlibs:Depends} intended to be translated somehow?

Yes.  It should be substituted with the list of dependencies generated
by dpkg-shlibdeps.
> I'll get errors I don't understand...
> The  'debian/tmp/DEBIAN/control' line contains:
>     Depends: , jed-common
> ----- s n i p -----
> turbo/src/Build/slang/src/objs -l`ls /usr/lib/libslang1*.a | sed 's,/usr/lib/lib,,; s,.a$,,'`
> ls: /usr/lib/libslang1*.a: No such file or directory

I noticed that there are some new slang1* packages in slink.  It looks
like jed is trying to staticly link in one of those libraries (which
aren't installed on the NetWinder yet).


 - Jim

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