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i intend to do further development on my machine

Hello all,
	i'm writing this because,it's been a while since i compiled a
package on gandalf and my planning prevented me to do much work on it (i
use my machine about 5 hours a day,in that timeframe,i have to compile
package on my machine,the gandalf one and read my mail...200+ messages per
day,sometime 350),the solution i think would be best for me is to setup a
cross compiling gcc and do further development on my machine,the reason i
like it better is because of all the program i wanted to compile on my
machine,i have a success rate of about 90%,but on the NetWinder,it's about
15% as of now,another thing is that i'll be more comfortable working on my
machine,what do you all think of that ???

Alain Toussaint

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