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I got Perl to compile!  It was a struggle though.  It turned out that
/dev was messed up, and I need to add a little bit more to the "specs"
file on the gcc package.  Tricky.

I used Raul's patch he posted to the list a while ago.  It still
failed on some of the tests however, so I was unable to make a
non-maintainer upload of it.  But at least I was able to replace the
Corel supplied perl binaries.

With the perl packages, I was able to install dpkg-http.  I set it up
so that it can pull in packages via HTTP from dists/sid - and also via
file from the /mnt/debs/dists/gandalf-local/ repository.  I deleted
all the binary-all .deb's on the server, since we can now install them
via dselect/dpkg-http.

The most important package to do next is going to be the XFree86
package.  That's the only package built from Corel binaries left that
we really need.  There are an awful lot of "regular" packages that
require X in order to build.

The strace package is the only other package still based on a Corel
binary, so it would be nice to have a replacement for that as well.
Then we could get rid of ld.so.1 forever.

The libc6 and gcc packages also need to be revisited.  The gcc
currently on ftp.debian.org has some bugs (ie. the spec file and some
other extra files).


 - Jim

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