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Re: Header files

Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> The header files we got on the netwinder... Where do they come from?
> I am missing <sys/sem_buf.h> and <sys/sem.h> does not look like the one
> on my i386...
> --

The header files come from the glibc-2.0.94.tar.gz distribution.  
I had a quick glance at my RedHat i386 system and the NetWinder.

It looks to me that on the i386 system, sys/sem.h has portable stuff 
in it, while sys/sem_buf.h has system specific information.  On the
NetWinder, in keeping with glibc philosophy, the system specific 
stuff in sem_buf.h has been moved to bits/sem.h and the portable
stuff is in sys/sem.h which includes <bits/sem.h>

You only need to include <sys/sem.h>.


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