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Re: glibc, libstdc++2.8 and the kernel

In article <E0zBH0Y-0004uC-00@spring.nexus.co.uk> you wrote:

:>I had forgotten about rdev.

: Actually, it looks like the root device may not be stored in the kernel at 
: all on ARM systems.  By the looks of things it always has to be passed in 
: by the bootloader.


I sent a note to sanm before hitting the sack last night, asking about rdev
and/or how to get a kernel that would load hda4 as root instead of hda2.  If
your supposition is true, I suspect my question is going to sound naive, and 
the answer will essentially be that I either need to craft the Debian test 
boot partition as an NFS root filesystem, or wait for the promised major 
revision of the firmware that supports multiple boot targets.  

I'll think about the NFS root some.  I suppose that if I get an NFS root that
works well enough to make me comfortable about scorching the disk, I could use
it to re-write hda2 with a Debian-only root...  we'll see.


ps: if anyone else wants to play, be my guest.  I'm using the Debian 'dhcp'
    package on one of my Intel-based servers, along with enabling the tftpd 
    that comes with netbase.  The rescue faq from stany has sufficient
    information to help you set up dhcp and tftp, plus hints on building an
    NFS root.  As long as your realize that you have to be using the 10baseT
    network interface (eth0), it's not hard to set up.  

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