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[no subject] Рассылки по эл почте Новые люди у Вас в офисе? __alloc_pages: errors resolved? [wa Re: __alloc_pages: 2-order allocation failed] always my sun blade 100 Aptitude/install problem on Sarge Britney Young handjob & titfuck. Bug#251149: gcc wrapper for sparc is chronically broken Buy Cheap PC Software from Special Reserve. debian on a sun blade 100 Debian on Sparc 4 RE: Debian on Sparc 4 - woody to sarge Debian on SunBlade 1000 debian performance on sparc Debian Sarge on SUN Ultra 5 Debian-sparc disklabel Fujitsu MAJ3182MC Don't start Xwindow for Sun Enterprise 450. Floppy boot - Sun AXi - Fast Data Access MMU Miss grub Have an enterprise 4000 if someone wants it help me Hi sweetness. It is of course Little J How to build a bootable CDrom image from .iso? Installation problem on SunBlade100 and SunBlade150 installing 2.6 kernel ipv6 iptunnel problem ipv6 problem Kernel panic: No init found? Keyboard and mouse unworkable in GDM on Sarge kxstitch repackaged with patch applied, need sparc to test source build Low latency sparc64 kernels ? Re: Mac mini Need help to configure Mouse and Keyboard on Ultra Sparc II Network install error : TOMATILLO0: No entry in ino bitmap for 51 new to SPARC and Debian-sparc PROBLEM INSTALL SUNFIRE V250 Problem with network booting of an IPX question about kernel Question on apt-settings re-queuing a package on the sparc buildd? Sarge install breaks SPARCStation 5 Sarge netboot CD won't start on Enterprise 250 Save money on buying software!!! ScanMail Notification. Send the love home with an online photo album Sparcstaion 10 2.4 kernel Re: sudo, and timestamp in the future... sun blade 100 hard disk SunBlade 1000 SunBlade 1000 Installation Tr: debian performance on sparc Unidentified subject! Your technology expert. {oe}illets du WindowsXPro and Office eq 80dolrs The last update was on 06:39 GMT Sun Jun 02. There are 156 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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