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Re: debian on a sun blade 100

Il giorno dom, 12/06/2005 alle 19.19 +0200, Admar Schoonen ha scritto:
> Enter 'PROM blade 100' in the front page of http://www.sun.com. The first hit is
> a link to an obsoleted patch to openboot firmware, but it does give you a patch
> number (119235-01) of the patch that obsoleted that patch. Enter the patch
> number in the search field and click on the first link (or click directly on
> http://sunsolve.sun.com/search/document.do?assetkey=1-21-119235-01-1&searchclause=119235-01 )
> I haven't gotten around to patch the firmware on my blade 100 yet. If you update
> your openboot, please let me know your experiences.

Just upgraded my Sun Blade 100 from OBP 4.0.45 to OBP 4.17.1.

The "MMU miss" error is still there and in addition 'stopping' the
openboot firmware while is checking the ram leave the system in an
unbootable state (boot command disabled), so no more 'Stop-A' and boot 

On the other end, Solaris loading is noticeable faster. :-(

Don't know if this is related, but rebooting 'sid' with my custom
2.6.11, now snd-ali5451 loads without errors, but the system stops
at /etc/init.d/alsa after 'Setting up ALSA...'. I did a dist-upgrade
just before rebooting, so this may be the latest alsa's fault.


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