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Debian on Sparc 4

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Hi All,
I am fairly new to Debian on a SPARC, as you will no doubt surmise from the email :-)
I have been using Solaris for a while.  I have also had Debian running on a P3 for a couple of months and its been fine so far, no issues.
I have an old SPARC 4 with no CD ROM, just a floppy drive and so I downloaded the floppies a month or so ago.  It appears there are only floppy images for the Woody release.  I have run into an issue which appears to be a bit chicken and egg and have found a few other people via google who have the same problem.  I have, as yet, not seen a confirmed solution.
The kernel which came with the woody floppies is 2.2.20-sun4cdm.  To use apt-get and security updates requires libc6 and libc6 requires a kernel later than 2.4.21.  I cannot seem to find a way of installing a kernel => 2.4.21 without installing additional packages which have dependencies on libc6.
I have tried a few methods of installing the system with floppies and via the net but I am stuck with this issue.  I also tried to download the barest minimum and downloaded the kernel upgrade files I found under the sarge release to another box on the network in the hope of transferring them to the SPARC4.  There seems to be no way of getting the files across to upgrade the kernel before I hit the libc6 issue.  No wget, ftp, tftp, scp, ssh or anything that I have used before.
So, it appears to me that the base install of the woody version contains software with libc6 dependencies which in turn requires the later kernel; I don't think that kernel is available with the SPARC floppies, I could be wrong though.
I have looked at going to Sarge but I cannot seem to locate any of the usual installation floppy .bin images, rescue, root and driver.
Has anyone experienced the same or a similar issue and found a workaround?
Cheers for your time,

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