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Re: grub

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Frans Pop wrote:
> Because Sparc uses the SUN disklabel for boot disks and not the msdos 
> disklabel and grub does not support the SUN disklabel.

Not only...

I added support for SUN disklabel in grub2 (still in development) and I
have been working on making it boot on my usparc IIi, but with little
All I've been able to was getting the OF vector from registers, but I
haven't been able to call any function that need args or return value,
so all I was able to was to call "exit", which falls back to the OF
prompt (everyone : wow, useful).
I haven't worked on it for a few months because I wasn't able to find a
doc that was correct & complete : the few I found were either explaining
how to use OF prompt, or telling me the function vector was in a
register that contained 0 on my box...

If anyone knows how to make that work, with as few ASM as possible, I
would be happy to again put my hands inside that code.

Vincent Pelletier
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