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Re: Problem with network booting of an IPX

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 14 June 2005 21:03, wolfdieter.schmidt@arcor.de wrote:

Sadly this does not work. The reason is that I simple cannot install
modutils and initrd-tools as suggested in the upgrade document.

By "upgrade document" I guess you mean the Sarge Release Notes for Sparc?

both depend on a lot of other software and the dependency chain ends
up in libc6 which causes an error during installation. I tried
to force the installation without libc6, but this causes -- who
wonders -- unsatisfied symbols. So no luck.

I don't understand this. Woody backports for both packages have been provided exactly to avoid those dependencies. Are you sure that your sources.list was pointing to Woody and the special location containing the backported modutils and initrd-tools?

Yes, I am sure!

Yesterday I did a fresh installation from the floppy ... until the reboot.
Delayed the boot until today, because of beer time. The floppy are from
somewhen in September/October.

See what I wrote here:
I could boot woody from the floppy, no problem so far, except
that I cannot update. There is always an error during the update
when replacing libc.

It seems that the request for the new libc6 comes from security updates,
which are automatically added during the first boot. I did not manually
change /etc/apt/sources.list, all was done during the first boot.

As I remember I see:
Segmentation fault -- error during unpacking.


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