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Re: question about kernel

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005 14:01:37 +0200
gaspo <gaspolo@gmail.com> wrote:

> i have a debian 
> [14:00:36][root@sparc64:/home/gaspo]$ uname -a
> Linux sparc64 2.4.18 #2 Thu Apr 11 14:37:17 EDT 2002 sparc64
> unknownwith kernel 2.4.18 basic...
> i want to upgrade with another new kernel...
> what is the best way for uypgrade kernel?
> i can download witrh apt-cache search kernel NEw and dpkg -i KERNEL.deb...
> work?

You would most likely have to download the latest kernel from source code and then compile 
and install it yourself.

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