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Re: debian performance on sparc

On 6/16/05, Olivier BERT <obert01@mistigri.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> As I am a newbie to sparc, I don't know if debian packages are very
> optimized for sparc .
> Is there any reports concerning debian packages optimizations for sparc ?

Depends which sparc you're talking about. Afaik the sparc packages are
built for sun4/sun4c/sparcv7 architecture. Try some of the URLs at

> I would like to know for example if debian packaged program are as fast as
> a well-configured gentoo distribution with all optimization flags ?

Difficult to say - I haven't ever seen concrete figures to show that
recompiling everything on gentoo is anything more than a waste of
time. But again it depends on your architecture.

P.S. You mailed this to 'debian-sparc@list.debian.org', I think it
should be lists.debian.org (note the 's'). Not entirely sure how this
reached me - but my filters didn't work.

Jon Dowland

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