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ipv6 problem

hi i use sun ultra 5 and now i have problem with ipv6...
i have setting up ipv6 (1 tunnel broker) on sit0 and si1 
with command:
ifconfig sit0 up
ifconfig sit0 tunnel ::
ifconfig sit1 up
ifconfig sit1 add 2001:4bb0:a:2::14/128
ifconfig sit1 add 3ffe:80ee:2a29:0:0:0:0:14/128
route -A inet6 add 2000::0/3 gw ::
and that tunnel work...
now when i try setting up other tunnel on other interface like sit2 or "sixxs"..
every time when i set up interface i have the same
error:[01:29:50][root@sparc64:/home/gaspo]$ ip tunnel add sit2 mode
sit local remote
ioctl: Invalid argument
[01:30:20][root@sparc64:/home/gaspo]$ ifconfig sit2 up
sit2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
that appenead only on sparc machine..because on all other debian i
have x86 work with 0798790 tunnel...
[01:30:23][root@sparc64:/home/gaspo]$ uname -a
Linux sparc64 2.4.18 #2 Thu Apr 11 14:37:17 EDT 2002 sparc64 unknown

pls help!!!

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