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Re: Tr: debian performance on sparc

>          As a newbie myself to sparc and Debian, I have installed the
>         latest release on an Ultra30 500Mb ram w 248MHz processor. On
>         a very non-scientific scale i.e. using basic office type apps
>         and with Apache running - the machine seems quite snappy -
>         certainly faster than my 566Mhz AMD K6 (w 512Mb RAM) running
>         Mandrake 9.2. My only other comparison is a 700Mhz Dell GX110
>         running Suse 9.1 - seems comparable to this.
>         Not scientific - just my impression
As a rough rule of thumb, for processors up to (about) the UltraSPARC II
series, I'd multiply the clock speed by 1.5 to 2 before looking for a
comparable x86 machine.  That said, it does depend a lot on the task
(i.e. 64 bit arithemetic on the Ultra series) and clock speed is *not* a
measure of performance, despite what Intel would have (had) us believe.

 - Martin

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