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Re: new to SPARC and Debian-sparc

On Tue, 7 Jun 2005 13:25:36 +0100
David Johnson <dj@david-web.co.uk> wrote:

> On Tuesday 07 June 2005 13:00, John WHITE wrote:
> > Afternoon all,
> > Can I preface this post by saying I am new to sparc and have only dabbled
> > in installing Debian (although I have been building PC's for >9yrs and
> > using flavours of linux for 7 yrs). I installed Solaris 10 on my Ultra5 and
> > then though it fun to install Debian - which went fine -no problems there.
> > Linux seemed to run faster but of course the current stable version is
> > fairly 'old'. What is he current availability of newer or unstable packages
> > - is there quite a comprehensive selection? Can I (or how do I/do I have
> > to) compile packages for sparc (I have done this for i386)? Any other
> > gotchas??
> > Pl remember I am new to Debian/SPARC and
> >
> A new version of Debian was released yesterday which is MUCH more up-to-date. 
> You should be able to upgrade to it simply by running 'apt-get update && 
> apt-get dist-upgrade'.
> You can compile stuff on SPARC just like you can on x86, but you probably 
> won't need to - most of the software you'll ever need is available within 
> Debian.

Hi, tried this but was getting 404 errors when trying to connect to http://security.debian.org for some reason.  Has anyone else gotten this error at all either today or recently?

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