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Don't start Xwindow for Sun Enterprise 450.

Don't start Xwindow for Sun Enterprise 450.

Debian Sarge for Sparc.
Kernel 2.4.27.
Xwindow 4.3.0.


After trying combinations

using dpkg-configure xserver-xfree86

also with dpkg-reshape xserver-xfree86-dbg

in order to see something more of information and anything.

I have proven with the modulos, ati, fbdev and sunffb.

The same result or hangs or always gives error indicating that there is "no screens" or an error type 54.
The service gpm is stopped.

If I install kernel 2,6, soon in way consolona does not work the keyboard and the mouse to me since the keyboard is of type sun, in concrete "type5".

Some ideas? solutions? where to look for?

I am remaining without ideas.


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