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Aptitude/install problem on Sarge

Sorry - my mistake - forgot subject on original post

Morning Debian-Sparc community!

Thanks for adv from last post - I have now a working Sarge install on my U30 (except sound-which I did not expect to work). I had few problems with net install - apart from overloaded mirrors.

Tried to add Windowmaker & Plone using aptitude & now have a problem with aptitude (I think). The install failed due to mirror access failing. Now when I try to restart the install - aptitude starts download OK but when it comes to actual install of downloads I have blank screens on all terminals 1 - 6. I still have KDM working on 7 - which does respond. Should I have dropped to init 3 before using aptitude ??

Sorry if this is an obvious qu. but I did not have this with apt-get...



John White

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