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Re: Problem with network booting of an IPX

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 21:03, wolfdieter.schmidt@arcor.de wrote:
> Sadly this does not work. The reason is that I simple cannot install
> modutils and initrd-tools as suggested in the upgrade document.

By "upgrade document" I guess you mean the Sarge Release Notes for Sparc?

> both depend on a lot of other software and the dependency chain ends
> up in libc6 which causes an error during installation. I tried
> to force the installation without libc6, but this causes -- who
> wonders -- unsatisfied symbols. So no luck.

I don't understand this. Woody backports for both packages have been 
provided exactly to avoid those dependencies.
Are you sure that your sources.list was pointing to Woody and the special 
location containing the backported modutils and initrd-tools?

Could you post the output of:
apt-cache policy modutils
apt-cache policy initrd-tools
apt-cache policy libc6


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