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Debian Sarge on SUN Ultra 5

Hi everybody,

got a problem using X on a Sun Ultra 5 ...

Installed packages: gdm,kdm,xdm 
                    gnome, kde, wmaker

The problem is:

Choosing kde or gnome on the debian-X-login screen it will login to 
windowmaker and this hurts me a little bit.

Does anybody how I can fix the problem.

Configuration of Sun Ultra 5
- 370MHz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- 20GB HDD

wmaker works fine, but I have to use gnome or kde
Is there any missconfiguration in X-Server, xfree86???

choosing kde -> login to wmaker
choosing gnome -> login to wmaker

Hope anyone of you understand my problem.

Thanks for help.

greets M. Reinhardt

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