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Re: Debian Sarge on SUN Ultra 5


I doubt it is a sparc related question, it seems like it is just a
beginner one. Answering anyway.

Window maker is a window manager, not a desktop system like gnome or
KDE. I bet you can use all your gnome and kde applications under it
(all you have installed that is).

If you don't like this window manager, install another and make it as

To have an average-looking gnome session, you have to have gnome session
manager, panel, sawfish, and nautilus installed, and your settings (for
example those of the gnome session manager) should be set to default.

<don't do it unless you know what you are doing!>
A way to set everything to default is to 'rm -rf ~/.??*' .
</don't do it unless you know what you are doing!>

2005-06-03, p keltezéssel 11.22-kor Matthias Reinhardt ezt írta:
> Hi everybody,

> Choosing kde or gnome on the debian-X-login screen it will login to 
> windowmaker and this hurts me a little bit.

> wmaker works fine, but I have to use gnome or kde
> Is there any missconfiguration in X-Server, xfree86???

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