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debian on a sun blade 100


I don't find any issue to my problems on the archives of this list.
I have got a sun blade 100 (sparc64, 500mhz, 256MB sdram ...).
And I would like to install debian linux on it. When I use an ord debian version (woody for example), I get the message : "Fatal: .... MMU miss". This error is reported on many internet websites but I don't know what to do to avoid this error. When I use a sarge CD, the boot process goes well, but the CDROM and all IDE devices are not detected, or don't appear in the devices filesystem. IDE chips seems to be detected (dmsg). To this problem, I think that with the 2.6 kernel, it will work. But ther is not the 2.6 kernel on sparc debian isos.

My questions are :
- Is there anywhere a debian iso image built with the 2.6 kernel ?
- Is there a way to boot with the 2.4 kernel ?

- I also noticed that the openboot firmware version was very old. And I learnt there were updates. But I can't find them. Does anyone know where I can find them. I tried of course the sun.com site, but impossible to find it.

Thanks in advance

Olivier BERT
e-mail: obert01@mistigri.org

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