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Re: Problem with network booting of an IPX

Jurij Smakov wrote:
Anyway, I have updated the libc6 packages on my site to the Sarge version and put together a wiki page describing the procedure which I think *might* result in a successful upgrade from Woody to Sarge on sun4c. The page is at


Please try it out and document the results there.

Best regards,

Sadly this does not work. The reason is that I simple cannot install
modutils and initrd-tools as suggested in the upgrade document.

both depend on a lot of other software and the dependency chain ends
up in libc6 which causes an error during installation. I tried
to force the installation without libc6, but this causes -- who
wonders -- unsatisfied symbols. So no luck.

I think in the long term I need to switch over to NetBSD which
seems to be the only free OS support such damn old hardware :-)


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