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Re: Debian on Sparc 4

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Steve Lewis wrote:

The kernel which came with the woody floppies is 2.2.20-sun4cdm.  To use
apt-get and security updates requires libc6 and libc6 requires a kernel
later than 2.4.21.  I cannot seem to find a way of installing a kernel
=> 2.4.21 without installing additional packages which have dependencies
on libc6.

You are probably tricked by the fact that woody is no longer 'stable'. Sarge is the new 'stable' release, so whenever you put 'stable' into your sources.list, it tries to pull in the Sarge's files, which is not desired. Instead use 'woody' or 'oldstable' in your sources.list and you should be fine.

I have looked at going to Sarge but I cannot seem to locate any of the
usual installation floppy .bin images, rescue, root and driver.

I believe that your machine is of sun4c subarchitecture, which is not officially supported by Sarge. Have a look at the page


which might help with the installation.

Best regards,

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