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Re: Have an enterprise 4000 if someone wants it

> > when i said "available" i meant a root account and a person operating
> > the console as instructed, sorry.  it's a company machine, and not for
> > sale, but is only used for testing and is mostly idle.
> Does it run Debian?
My E4000 does.  Rather nicely in fact :-D  2.4 and 2.6 kernels seem to
work, as well as vservers with some patching.

>  A while ago bug 299074 was filed against discover1, 
> stating that discover1 fails to find all devices on machines with multiple 
> sbus buses. I made a patch for this problem, which has been incorporated 
> into discover1 version 1.7.9, now available in sid. However, to the best 
> of my knowledge, that patch has never got tested, since such machines are 
> somewhat rare. As E3000 appears to have two sbus buses, it would be great 
> if you could test it out.
I can't find a quick description of how discover is supposed to work but
1.7.7 (sarge) runs on a multi-SBUS machine and detects the only device
that has Linux drivers but which are not loaded, althought this is only
given when --debug is enabled.


 - Martin

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