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Low latency sparc64 kernels ?

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I'm experiencing a weird behaviour of the kernel and since I'm new
to Linux I'm not able to understand what happend.
I'm running Debian unstable on an Ultra 5 workstation.
I've been using a 2.4.30 kernel until last week but because of the lack
of responsiveness I decided to compile a low-latency patched kernel
(Andrew Morton's) so as to benefit from a kinda 2.6-like preemption.

I succeed in booting the custom 2.4.29 patched kernel I've compiled
but  a weird behaviour can be observed.
Although the responsiveness seems to have been strongly increased
(user interface), the system is rather slow.
Especially when high loads occur.

For instance, when I start OpenOffice: the CPU load used to be at the
highest level (over 95%) with the former kernel and it took only several
seconds (about 30 sec) to launch the app.
Now it takes about 2 minutes and the CPU load is oscillating between
50% and 95% during the process.
I googlized and found that there used to be problems when running a
low latency kernel with reiserfs partitions (troughtput drop) but I can't
find if it's currently still an issue.

I would like to know if anybody has experienced the same "problem" and
if there is a technical explanation (concerning the way the schedulding
is handled ?) since the logs don't show anything unusual.
Best regards


(Sorry for my *bad* english  :(  )

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