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Re: sudo, and timestamp in the future...

Hello all,

On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 06:03:58PM -0500, Nicolas Will wrote:
> On all the Sun machines around me, installed in Woody, then 
> dist-upgraded into Sarge (and one with some unstable pinning), we 
> regularly get the following message when using 'sudo':
> "sudo: timestamp too far in the future:"

I have just dist-upgrade my GNU/Debian SPARC, which is a stable version.
And now, I have the same problem with sudo. (maybe because since
yesterday, stable is woody).

Looking in bugs.debian.org, I have found:


As someone a fix for these problem ? Or must we rebuild the sudo package
like suggested in the previous web page ?

If nobody has give it a try, I will be happy to test and send feedback
to previous web pages.

Good day.

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