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Re: help me

seems that gaspo knows the s/debian/netbsd command
in vim because he sent the same email to the port-sparc64 mailing-list ...
I'd rather consider this request is not worth paying attention to it.
I'm sorry if my answer looks too harsh but in such a case : what's the point in taking time to reply if the request isn't honest. I'm posting this mail to the ML to prevent further answers. (I hope I won't hurt anybody) But Martin, nevertheless your mail proves one thing again: debian people are definitely friendly. that's the good point. ;) As a conclusion I own an U5 which runs debian and netbsd ... it's indeed a nice machine ... gaspo: next time don't send your mail to both the debian and netbsd sparc MLs ... that's not serious ...
Best regards,


Martin wrote:

On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 20:09 +0200, gaspo wrote:
Hi i have test sun ultra5 and i find very well with debian
sparc....but i use it for an important Server for my
lan/wan/firewall/ecc... ipv6 tunnel broker ircD ecc..
I have a Stupid question...:
haS Someone to give to me any kinD of sun ultra (for free)...
only if U have alot of sparC and U dont make nothing with This server...
I pay shipment to my country...contaCt me to my Email gaspolo@gmail.com
I wanna to use it how Test server and make experiment on debian....pls
Help me!!!!!!!!!

A number of alternatives come to mind.  If you are doing development
work for Debian then if you become a debian developer, I believe you can
get access to development machines including a couple of UltraSPARCs.
Alternatively, you said you are interested in experimenting using
Debian, why not use another architecture - it's virtually identical.
Alternatively if it has to be a SPARC based machine you could move your
main server over to another machine and use the one you already have (if
it's a standard Debian set up then it should only be config files to
move), use an emulator such as Qemu or a virtualisation technology like


- Martin

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