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Re: installing 2.6 kernel

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 21:59, Johnn Tan wrote:
> The only way to install debian-sparc 2.6.x kernel with sarge netinst CD
> on Ultra-5 is to type: linux debconf/priority=medium at the boot:
> prompt? Is there no easier way?

No, not using CDs at the moment. We hope to have 2.6 kernels on 
installation CDs in the fairly near future.
Note: switching kernel versions during the installation is not recommended 
as this may cause unexpected problems on the reboot.

> I like the installer exactly the way it is by default, but just want it
> to install kernel 2.6 without having to manually choose each menu
> option.

Netbooting with a 2.6 kernel is your alternative.

> Additionally, when doing it this way, after the first reboot, when I am
> supposed to configure the system (clock, first user, etc.), the
> keyboard is non-responsive. Yet doing the default install (which gives
> me kernel 2.4.27), the keyboard works fine.

Exactly the kind of problem I was referring to above! See:


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