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Sarge install breaks SPARCStation 5

Forgive me if this has already been posted, my search turned up
nothing. Furthermore, this architecture is a bit foreign to me, so
excuse any faux pas on my part.

I booted my SPARCStation 5 to a 3.1r0a cd and followed a relatively
basic install without incident. The install finished and I rebooted
back to the machine's boot prompt. Following the command "boot
disk1:1", debian kicked to life and everything appeared to go to plan.
The last line visible on the screen during boot was what appeared to
be an insmod of the sunlance driver, and the boot froze. It sat there
for a good 5 minutes before I decided that nothing was going to happen
and cycled the power on the machine.

Upon reboot, POST went as normal, screen kicked on etc. As the hard
drives started to spin up, the screen returned to standby mode and
since that time hasn't shown a thing. I've tried moving the display
adapter to a different slot, without avail. Just to see what would
happen I tried forcing a POST failure by removing all the ram, the
hard drives, and cdrom etc, but no luck. As far as I can tell nothing
is booting in the background as I can't hear any significant disk

Unfortunately at this point I am at a loss, without any working
knowledge of what steps to take next. The service manual from Sun is
about as useful as a slap in the face with a wet sock, offering only
"check the cables" type advice.

The specs of the machine (that I know) are listed below. Any help or
advice would be much appreciated, and I apologise if this list is the
wrong place to post this kind of query.

2x 2GB IBM hard disks
Quad ethernet card
TurboGX video card


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