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Re: php-memcache upload to stable-proposed-updates Re: phppgadmin multiple XSS (CVE-2011-3598) Re: Planning for next squeeze point release (6.0.4) Plans for ITK version 4 please binnmu obrowser on armhf please requeue binnmus of osptoolkit for openssl transition Processed (with 1 errors): Re: [Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#655188: Bug#655188: Needs rebuild for hardened build flags Processed (with 9 errors): Re: relevant bugs for libav transition Processed: block 631019 with 657199 657198 Processed: block 631019 with 657203 Processed: block 631019 with 657534 Processed: block 631019 with 657669 Processed: block 634797 with 652759 654619 653799 Processed: block 648775 with 656690 Processed: block 648775 with 656817 656818 656821 656822 Processed: block 648775 with 657256 Processed: block 648775 with 657258 Processed: block 648775 with 657261 Processed: block 648775 with 657598 Processed: block 648775 with 657779 657781 Processed: block 648775 with 657800 Processed: block 650516 with 656829 Processed: block 652165 with 656550 Processed: block 652165 with 658061 Processed: block 653228 with 653823 Processed: block 653823 with 652775 Processed: block 653823 with 652797 Processed: block 653823 with 653625 Processed: block 653823 with 653625 652775 652797 652790 652795 652786 652798 653796 652788 653805 653806 653807 652784 Processed: block 653919 with 634797 Processed: block 655074 with 645537 647271 Processed: block 655074 with 654766 Processed: block 655074 with 655657 Processed: block 655074 with 657927 Processed: block 656587 with 628475 Processed: block 656587 with 657018 657016 657013 657012 657011 657004 657003 656604 Processed: block 657266 with 653880 Processed: Closing 6.0.4 bugs Processed: closing 656653 Processed: Re: Bug#639645: opu: package xpdf/3.02-1.4+lenny4 Processed: Re: Bug#639676: pu: package pbuilder/0.199+nmu1 Processed: Re: Bug#641155: pu: package mdadm/3.1.4-1+8efb9d1+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#648775: transition: mono 2.10 Processed: Re: Bug#649173: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.16 Processed: Re: Bug#652112: pu: mutt: diff for NMU version 1.5.20-9+squeeze2 Processed: Re: Bug#652545: pu: package samba/2:3.5.6~dfsg-3squeeze5 Processed: Re: Bug#653757: pu: package nfs-utils/1:1.2.2-4squeeze2 Processed: Re: Bug#654384: pu: package libmtp/1.0.3-1+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#654442: pu: package erlang/14.a-dfsg-3squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#654972: pu: package bugzilla/ Processed: Re: Bug#655074: transition: audiofile Processed: Re: Bug#655158: pu: base-installer & libdebian-installer: Power 7 support Processed: Re: Bug#655178: pu: package pidgin/2.7.3-1+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#655188: Needs rebuild for hardened build flags Processed: Re: Bug#655763: pu: package mediawiki/1:1.15.5-2squeeze2 Processed: Re: Bug#656104: opu: package apr/1.2.12-5+lenny5 Processed: Re: Bug#656423: pu: package qemu-kvm/0.12.5+dfsg-5+squeeze7 Processed: Re: Bug#656653: nmu: banshee_2.2.1-2 (rebuild for mono transition) Processed: Re: Bug#656718: nmu: gnome-shell_3.2.1-8 Processed: Re: Bug#656815: pu: package mediawiki/1:1.15.5-2squeeze3 Processed: Re: Processed: relevant bugs for libav transition Processed: Re: relevant bugs for libav transition Processed: Re: transition: libupnp3 -> libupnp6 Processed: reassign 657758 to,src:policykit-1 Processed: relevant bugs for libav transition Processed: severity of 655188 is wishlist, retitle 655188 to nmu: avahi_0.6.30-5 for hardening ... Processed: tagging 613382 Processed: tagging 631019 Processed: tagging 640922 Processed: tagging 650993 Processed: tagging 651897 Processed: tagging 652015 Processed: tagging 655074 Processed: tagging 655178 Processed: tagging 656775, tagging 656776 Processed: tagging 657266 Processed: user ..., usertagging 645131, cloning 645131, tagging 645131 ... Processed: your mail Re: Proposed stable update for procps Proposed stable update for python3-defaults Re: Proposed stable update: nginx Re: Proposed update to python-debian Proposed upload of tinyproxy to stable pygame recent waf rc bugs and stable release RFC: britney's "hint classes" RFS: libconfig (requires transition) shibboleth-sp2 builds on arm* slbackup - config-file typo which prevents slbackup from running Re: sra-sdk: should it be in Debian? Re: Stable update of hplip for CVE-2011-2722 (#635549) ? sysvinit testing migration tasksel changes for stable Time for another Bug Squashing Party Transition to db5.3 (Was: Proposed transition to db5.2) Upcoming stable point release Re: Update the killer package in Squeeze? Update the killer package in Squeeze? Re: Updating libcgicc in stable to fix #600943 upgrading WindowMaker Uploading linux-2.6 (3.1.8-1) Uploading linux-2.6 (3.2.1-1) versioned tiff uploaded to experimental win32-loader migration to testing RE: xine-lib*: failed builds due to <sys/soundcard.h> breakage: dep-wait? The last update was on 19:42 GMT Sun May 13. There are 704 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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