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Re: please requeue binnmus of osptoolkit for openssl transition


(This should have gone to -wb-team, but let's process that anyway.)

peter green <plugwash@p10link.net> (08/01/2012):
> Please requeue the binnmus of osptoolkit on all architectures except
> armhf and s390x (which don't need a binnmu because they first built
> the package after the openssl transition).

Processed. Apparently I also gave back the package for those two
architectures, while (AFAIR) it should have been a no-op to give it back
there (since they had Installed packages).

> The previous binnmu attempt failed due to a linker issue, however
> based on a combination of local testing and the recent successful
> builds on armhf and s390x I belive the package is once again buildable
> in unstable with regular ld (it still fails with gold but that is a
> less serious issue).

Thanks for investigating & prodding.


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