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Plans for ITK version 4


As some of you know ITK, the Insight Toolkit, version 4.0.0 was
released last month [1].  This is a major update from the previous
version 3.20.1, and upstream deliberately broke the API in certain
cases [2].

As such, I think it would be a disservice to our users to force an
abrupt transition by uploading ITK 4 and removing ITK 3.  Instead, I
propose to keep ITK 3.20.1 in Debian and upload a new source package,
insighttoolkit4 (or maybe itk4?).  

The existing binary packages already carry the major version
(e.g. libinsightoolkit3-dev) and so can coexist with
libinsightoolkit4-dev and the like in the repository (I haven't made
up my mind about co-installability).

I am in the process of getting a clean build of ITK 4 locally.  I
think I should succeed this week, so I'd appreciate feedback on the
plan before I upload this weekend.


[1] http://www.kitware.com/news/home/browse/ITK?2011_12_21&ITK+4.0+is+Now+Available+and+Ready+for+Download!
[2] http://www.kitware.com/blog/home/post/184

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