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upgrading WindowMaker


wmaker 0.95.0+20111028-4 is blocked from propagating to testing since
the new upstream version does not include libwmaker0-dev anymore.

libwmaker0-dev is used by (build-dependency) two packages in testing
(fsviewer and wterm), neither of which can be built in sid anymore
(#654869 and #654870). Both seem to be dead upstream, the respective
Debian Maintainers had been informed about the issue in August 2011
[1] by Rodolfo and pinged again in the above mentioned bugreports.

It may be to early to remove wterm and fsviewer from sid. However
given that the new wmaker version fixeses an amazing amount of bugs I
think removing wterm, fsviewer and libwmaker0-dev from testing and
letting the new wmaker packages propagate to testing is the right
thing to do.

cu andreas


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