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Re: versioned tiff uploaded to experimental

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org> wrote:

> [please cc me on responses; I am not subscribed to debian-release]
> I have uploaded tiff3_3.9.5-3 with libtiff4, libtiff4-dev, and
> libtiffxx0c2 and tiff_4.0.0-1 with libtiff5, libtiff-dev, libtiffxx5,
> libtiff-tools, libtiff-doc, and libtiff-opengl to experimental as
> previously discussed.  All libraries have versioned symbols.  I did a
> bunch of tests, and everything works as expected.  . . .

It dawned on me that if I just call the dev package in tiff_4.0.1-1
libtiff5-dev and don't have it provide libtiff-dev, then I don't have to
wait, and I can just upload tiff3_3.9.6-1 and tiff_4.0.1-1 to unstable
at the same time.  So the initial condition would be that tiff3 includes
libtiff4-dev which provides libtiff-dev, and tiff includes libtiff5-dev
which doesn't provide anything.  Nothing will break during the bin NMUs
(or regular uploads) since no one is depending on libtiff5-dev, but the
packages the specifically need it can get it right away.

Later, after all the bin NMUs are done and nothing in the archive is
linked against the non-versioned libtiff4, if we want to push toward
removal of tiff3 or just to making tiff 4.x the default tiff, I can
change it so that tiff includes libtiff-dev which provides libtiff5-dev
for compatibility and make tiff3's libtiff4-dev stop providing
libtiff-dev.  (Or I could keep libtiff5-dev's name as it is and have it
provide libtiff-dev...I'm not really sure which is better.  jpeg does it
one way, png does it the other way.)

Any objections to this plan?  I would probably wait until after wheezy
to work on removal of tiff3, but I guess we could move libtiff-dev to
libtiff5-dev sooner than that if lots of packages work fine with it.
But we don't necessarily have to.

Another advantage is that you won't have to keep hearing from me about
tiff. :-)  I appreciate the indulgence as you've helped guide me toward
a better solution or at least keep me from making things worse.

If we do this, I'll do one more tiff upload to experimental since I
guess tiff will be NEW with libtiff5-dev as a real package.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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