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Re: Update the killer package in Squeeze?

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> (18/01/2012):
> I'm fine with this reduced approach too.  Here is another proposal
> with only the bug fixes.  Just let me know which of these are ok for
> Squeeze, and I'll do the upload.

That looks much better, thanks.

Now, moving on to other important points:
 - you need to fix bugs in unstable first, and then only backport the
   changes to stable.
 - your upload would be rejected anyway, as the version number is
   lower than the one in unstable.
 - I think 0.90-7+squeeze1 would be better, but I guess it's only a
   matter of habit/personal taste.

tl;dr: please get the fixes in unstable first.


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