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re: xine-lib*: failed builds due to <sys/soundcard.h> breakage: dep-wait?

Having discussed this and watched relevant commits in #debian-kbsd, I'm
fairly sure that kfreebsd-kernel-headers >= 0.67 will fix failures due to
<sys/soundcard.h> (which caused the OSS plugin not to be built, causing
FTBFS), hence this dep-wait request. I know that a new enough version is in
the archive, but not that it's on the kfreebsd-* buildds...

 dw xine-lib_1.1.20.1-2 . kfreebsd-i386 . -m 'kfreebsd-kernel-headers (>= 0.67)'
 dw xine-lib-1.2_1.2.0-5 . kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 . -m 'kfreebsd-kernel-headers (>= 0.67)'
I'm not a RT member but I don't think a dep-wait will help you here. Afaict dep-waits are only
checked by wanna-build against what is available in the archive, they aren't checked against
what is installed in the buildd chroots.

So afaict there are only two ways to ensure you get a sufficiently recent version of a package that is permanently installed in the chroots.

1: add a build-depends to the package (which unlike a dep-wait will be seen by sbuild and acted
on to download an updated packages)
2: Poke the admins for the buildds in question so they can manually make sure the chroots are
up to date and then requeue the package.

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