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Re: Upcoming stable point release

[added the KDE bug and -release to Cc]


On Sat, 2012-01-14 at 09:18 +0200, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> Please, if possible, exclude "konqueror-nsplugins" from the default
> KDE install in 6.0.4.
> It crashes as soon as user enters any flash-enabled website. (www.amd.com)
> Very ugly user experience. Especially for Debian-stable.
> (tried Debian 6.0.3 on AMD64 and i386)
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=549309

The Release Team don't make changes ourselves to the contents of
packages in stable, it's more of a collating and reviewing role for
changes that maintainers wish to make.

In this situation, either the maintainer would need to make the required
changes or another developer would need to make a non-maintainer upload
to do so.  In either case, we'd generally require that such changes are
made in unstable first, so that any regressions or new issues caused by
the change can be found before the change lands in stable.



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