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Re: xine-lib*: failed builds due to <sys/soundcard.h> breakage: dep-wait?


Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> writes:
> peter green <peter.green@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk> (28/01/2012):
>> I'm not a RT member but I don't think a dep-wait will help you here. Afaict
>> dep-waits are only checked by wanna-build against what is available in the
>> archive, they aren't checked against what is installed in the buildd chroots.
> Which usually works for packages which aren't already installed in the
> chroots (since they're pulled from a mirror), but not for toolchain
> packages.
>> 2: Poke the admins for the buildds in question so they can manually
>> make sure the chroots are up to date and then requeue the package.
> That's what you want, and Christoph has upgraded them recently, based on
> some message on debian-bsd@.

Which eded up with .66 again which doesn't have the fixes from .67 that
we need. I'm however aware of it and currently seeing on how to
fix. Might just take a bit of time waiting for builds to finish so I can
mess with the chroots and stuff.



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