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Re: php-memcache upload to stable-proposed-updates


Sergey B Kirpichev <skirpichev@gmail.com> (24/01/2012):
> I would like to make an upload [1] to stable in order to fix bug in
> php-memcache package (and include maintainer change too).
> The full patch between this new package version and the version
> 3.0.4-4 currently in Squeeze is attached.

AFAICT that looks mostly OK (fixed in unstable first, tiny patch, etc.),
besides one point:

> +php-memcache (3.0.4-4~squeeze1) stable; urgency=low

We currently have 3.0.4-4 in squeeze, and 3.0.4-4~squeeze1 is below it,
not above (see dpkg --compare-versions foo '<' bar). Please use
3.0.4-4+squeeze1 instead.


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