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RFC: britney's "hint classes"


I've commented several times in the past to various people about britney's split of "classes" of hint permissions beig a little odd. As it came up again earlier today, I finally found a tuit to raise it properly.

Somewhat inherited from b1, b2 has:

HINTS_HELPERS = ("easy", "hint", "remove", "block", "block-udeb", "unblock", "unblock-udeb", "approve")
    HINTS_STANDARD = ("urgent", "age-days") + HINTS_HELPERS

We generally give new RAs "helpers", allowing them to use any hint in the first list. Then, after a while and some sane hints, we graduate that to "standard". In theory, so far, so good. However, the split seems somewhat arbitrary and a little odd - why should someone who's trusted to remove packages from testing and unblock udeb-using packages not be allowed to migrate a package a little more quickly?

Two questions:

1) Does anyone remember the logic behind the current split?
2) Does it make sense to have the split at all?
2a) If yes, what should the two sets be?
2b) If no, let's just get rid of "helpers" and move everyone who currently has that level to "standard" instead.



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