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Re: xine-lib*: failed builds due to <sys/soundcard.h> breakage: dep-wait?

I demand that Cyril Brulebois may or may not have written...

> peter green <peter.green@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk> (28/01/2012):
>> I'm not a RT member but I don't think a dep-wait will help you here.
>> Afaict dep-waits are only checked by wanna-build against what is
>> available in the archive, they aren't checked against what is installed
>> in the buildd chroots.

> Which usually works for packages which aren't already installed in the
> chroots (since they're pulled from a mirror), but not for toolchain
> packages.

Hmm. Not quite what I expected there, then...

>> 2: Poke the admins for the buildds in question so they can manually
>> make sure the chroots are up to date and then requeue the package.

> That's what you want, and Christoph has upgraded them recently, based on
> some message on debian-bsd@.

Well... they're built now, so all is well.

> Also, anything buildd-ish (except binNMUs) should go to $arch@buildd.d.o
> or debian-wb-team@lists.d.o

Perhaps a little work to make the addresses stand out a bit more on
http://release.debian.org/wanna-build.txt would help – I saw that, saw
'appropriate address', saw the address in the example but somehow missed the
address in the second paragraph...

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