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3.x kernels fix for the stable module-init-tools Archive inclusion request for s390x AW: Bug#645881: critical update 29 available Re: Backporting ZFS installer support to kreebsd ben, edos-debcheck, arch:all binNMU claws-mail-extra-plugins (python2.7 transition) BinNMU for drizzle Re: Bug#587315: 'multipath: unknown hardware handler type' with hardware_handler "1 hp-sw" Bug#614888: marked as done (RM: pixelpost/lenny -- RoQA; unmaintained, multiple security issues) Bug#622134: transition: openssl 1.0.0 Re: Bug#622146: nfs-common: compatibility between squeeze and sid broken Re: Bug#622146: nfs-common: compatibility between squeeze and sid broken Bug#622279: marked as done (transition: python-defaults (switching default: 2.6 -> 2.7)) Bug#622371: transition: webkit Bug#624807: libav 0.7 transition Re: Bug#629477: transition: gnustep-base, gnustep-gui, libobjc Bug#630201: Bug#570805: [kfreebsd-*] please rebuild elfutils/sid, ignoring the 2 known testsuite failures (Re: transition: liblzma 5) Bug#630201: [kfreebsd-*] please rebuild elfutils/sid, ignoring the 2 known testsuite failures (Re: transition: liblzma 5) Bug#630201: RFS: xz-utils (updated package) Bug#630201: [sponsoring] xz-utils update Bug#630201: transition: liblzma 5 Bug#633561: kfreebsd-i386 d-i/squeeze FTBFS (was Re: Bug#633561: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze1) Bug#633561: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze1 Bug#635515: Bug#644506: hunspell: crash with some morphological fields combination Bug#635515: transition: hunspell Bug#637111: pu: package freebsd-libs/8.1-6 Re: Bug#637331: transition: GNOME 3 Bug#637331: transition: nautilus Bug#637809: transition: perl 5.14 Bug#639871: gupnp stack reverse build dependencies Bug#640513: marked as done (transition: libgeotiff-dfsg) Bug#640995: marked as done (nmu: serna-free_4.3.0.20110221-5) Bug#641260: marked as done (nmus for #640513, libgeotiff) Re: Bug#642347: pu: package nss-pam-ldapd/0.7.14 Bug#644042: pu: package partman-target/72 Bug#644147: pu: package libdigest-perl/1.16-1+squeeze1 Bug#644372: marked as done (nmu: gnome-shell_3.0.2-3) Bug#644372: nmu: gnome-shell_3.0.2-3 Bug#644741: marked as done (nmu: rebuild against ocaml-ogg) Bug#644741: nmu: rebuild against ocaml-ogg Bug#644952: librecad in testing contains non-free docs and fonts. Bug#644952: marked as done (RM: librecad/1.0.0~rc1+nolibs-4 -- ROM contains non-free docs and fonts.) Bug#644971: marked as done (nmu: proftpd-mod-vroot_0.9.2-2) Bug#644971: nmu: proftpd-mod-vroot_0.9.2-2 Bug#645043: RM: qcad/stable -- ROM; non-distributable files Bug#645050: RM: partlibrary/stable -- RoQA; non-distributable Bug#645053: RM: qcad/stable,unstable,oldstable -- ROM; non-distributable files Bug#645105: transition: gdal Bug#645296: marked as done (nmu: remmina-plugins_0.9.2-3) Bug#645296: Rationale Re: Bug#645324: CVE-2011-3369: Denial of Service Bug#645498: marked as done (nmu: libalien-wxwidgets-perl_0.53+dfsg-1) Bug#645498: nmu: libalien-wxwidgets-perl_0.53+dfsg-1 Bug#645558: Improve britney2 auto-hinter Re: Bug#645765: please consider allowing to load installer components from a different mirror Bug#645781: Include "how to compile" information in INSTALL Bug#645781: marked as done (Include "how to compile" information in INSTALL) Bug#645818: [britney2] Port to python-apt 0.8 API Re: Bug#645881: critical update 29 available Bug#645996: marked as done (nmu: remmina-plugins_0.9.2-3) Bug#646095: Usage of "private" symbol Bug#646095: /usr/lib/claws-mail/plugins/ undefined symbol: webkit_web_view_get_selected_text Bug#646156: pu: package xorg-server/2:1.7.7-14 Bug#646254: libhangul transition binnmu Bug#646340: nmu: yiff_2.14.5-7 Bug#646762: nmu: libwx-perl_1:0.9902-1 Bug#646891: nmu: qmmp_0.5.2-1 Bugs in stable c-ares package Re: Debconf11 multiarch-related-items meeting notes debian-archive-keyring/experimental: fragments instead of symlinks? hint for lxc required hints for kdebindings and replacements Re: ifupdown-extra upload to stable-proposed-updates Lenny apt-get update problem behoben ? libmatroska: SONAME bump library transition Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? NEW changes in oldproposedupdates NEW changes in proposedupdates New ClamAV version fixing (security) bugs Re: [Parted-maintainers] Backporting ZFS installer support to kreebsd pd-hid caught in unstable, but why? Pending gnutls28 transition (openssl wrapper) Re: Please binNMU fluxbox Please drop partman-nbd/kfreebsd-* from testing Processed: binNMU Processed: block 622279 with 640340 Processed: block 622279 with 642782 Processed: block 622279 with 643999 Processed: block 622279 with 644064 Processed: block 622279 with 644297 644298 Processed: block 629477 with 629198 Processed: block 629477 with 643972 Processed: block 629477 with 643973 Processed: block 629477 with 645921 Processed: block 629477 with 645923 Processed: block 629477 with 645926 Processed: block 629477 with 645927 Processed: block 630201 with 646694 Processed: block 635515 with 644592 644649 Processed: block 637809 with 646286 Processed: block 637809 with 646295 Processed: block 637809 with 646297 Processed: block 637809 with 646299 Processed: block 646646 with 646762, block 646650 with 646762, block 646651 with 646762 ... Processed: bug 547393 has no owner Processed: cloning 644147, retitle -1 to opu: package libdigest-perl/1.15-2+lenny1 ..., usertagging -1 Processed: closing 618026, closing 624647, closing 628907, closing 631007, closing 632352, closing 632800 ... Processed: closing 635974 Processed: closing 637404, closing 636513, closing 636524, closing 638891, closing 642579, closing 636150 ... Processed: More bugs affecting the GNUstep transition Processed: nmu: remmina-plugins_0.9.2-3 Processed: reassign 644498 to Processed: reassign 645043 to Processed: reassign 645131 to Processed: reassign 646095 to libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 Processed: Re: Bug#633561: pu: package kfreebsd-8/8.1+dfsg-8+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#637331: transition: GNOME 3 Processed: Re: Bug#644147: pu: package libdigest-perl/1.16-1+squeeze1 Processed: Re: Bug#644868: gnustep-back-common: postinst fails: Error: for some reason, argv not properly set up during GNUstep base initialization Processed: Re: Bug#646156: pu: package xorg-server/2:1.7.7-14 Processed: Re: Processed: binNMU Processed: Re: Processed: block 637809 with 646299 Processed: Retitle Processed: retitle 644175 to binNMU: mutrace 0.2.0-1+b4 Processed: retitle 644177 to binNMU: lush 1.2.1-9+cvs20110227 Processed: tagging 635515 Processed: tagging 637331 Processed: tagging 642956 Processed: unblock 637809 with 634397 Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#646095: midori (libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 1.61-2): symbol lookup error: midori: undefined symbol: webkit_web_view_get_selected_text Processed: your mail Proposed stable update: recoll Proposed text for clamav update announcement Proto-type britney test suite quassel translations (was: Re: Bug#641062: pu: package quassel/0.6.3-2) Re: release goal proposal: enable hardening build flags RFC transitioning to gnutls28 ruby1.9.1 migration to testing Re: A simple migration plan Re: [SRM] dpkg for squeeze [SRM] shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} update for stable? Re: [SRM] Uploading new upstream stable version to Squeeze? Re: [SRU] update for powertop in 6.0.1 Status on the harding release goal Re: tentative upload to stable-proposed-updates [cython] tzdata 2011m uploaded to lenny-volatile and squeeze tzdata 2011n uploaded to lenny-volatile and squeeze tzdata update for (old)stable and lenny-volatile Re: Upcoming Point Releases Update for dokuwiki/lenny Update to byobu in stable to fix bug #548717 Updating libcgicc in stable to fix #600943 Uploading python enabled hugin to sid? Re: Multiarch support in dpkg — really in time for wheezy? Wheezy BSP Marathon first BSP in Hildesheim/Ger Dec 2-4 x264 mini-transition The last update was on 13:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 374 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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