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Re: libmatroska: SONAME bump

On Do, Okt 06, 2011 at 21:08:10 (CEST), Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> On Do, Okt 06, 2011 at 18:48:51 (CEST), Julien Cristau wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct  6, 2011 at 15:34:08 +0200, Matteo Vescovi wrote:
>>> [I'm not subscribed; please, Cc me in case of reply]
>>> Hi all!
>>> With new upstream release of libmatroska (we are now at 1.3.0),
>>> there has been a new bump for SONAME made by upstream.
>>> They moved from libmatroska4 to libmatroska5.
>>> So the source package 'libmatroska' would provide the library
>>> "libmatroska5" and the development library "libmatroska-dev".
>>> About the last one, two packages in the archives have b-deps against
>>> this devel lib:
>>>  * mkvtoolnix, which requires libmatroska-dev (>= 1.1.0)
>>>  * vlc, which requires libmatroska-dev (>= 0.8.0)
>>> So there seems to be no problem with the dependencies. Or am I wrong?
>> Are there any API changes in the new version that would affect those
>> packages?
> I don't expect any problems because of API churn.
> In fact, not even binNMUs are necessary, as I expect quick sourceful
> uploads anyways.

I've uploaded, but will need to go through NWE.

Since vlc has been uploaded in the mean time, it will need to be
binNMU'ed right now. I'm told that mkvtoolnix will see a sourceful
upload soon.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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