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Bug#645043: RM: qcad/stable -- ROM; non-distributable files

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal

Removal of qcad source and all binaries (qcad, qcad-doc, qcad-data) from
unstable, stable, and old-stable

1) qcad  is produced by RibbonSoft and has been in Debian since 1999

2) upstream stopped maintaining the software, and Debian has been using qcad-
free [1] as upstream since 2009

3) recently a new project, librecad [2], has ported qcad to qt4 and is packaged
in debian as librecad

4) this week, RibbonSoft asked LibreCAD to stop distributing fonts, patterns,
example libraries, and documentation as they are non-free.

5) The project is advertised as GPLv2 and includes the text of the license with
the code. The header files of all source code has the GPL header, but there is
no explicit granting of GPL in the fonts, patterns, libraries, or
documentation. In face, the documentation says "All Rights Reserved"

6) Since qcad depends on qt3 (which will be removed by wheezy anyways), and
Debian is distributing non-distributable code in both binary and source
packages, it should be removed. After removal, a future upload of qcad can be
made as a transitional package recommending librecad, as per discussions on
debian-science mailing list.

[2] www.librecad.org

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