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Bug#622134: transition: openssl 1.0.0


thank you for your comment.

FWIW, http://packages.debian.org/sid/ipppd lists libssl0.9.8 for alpha,
armhf, hppa, m68k, sh4 and libssl1.0.0 for the rest.  I checked the
other binary packages as well.

I can only repeat that there is nothing inherently in isdnutils to force
dependency on libssl0.9.8.  Grep through the source and packaging
information if you don't believe me.

To me it seems as if the packages that still depend on the old libssl
are simply outdated and were built at a time when 0.9.8 was the default.
Maybe you want to rebuild the packages?  I don't think there's anything
I can do.



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