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quassel translations (was: Re: Bug#641062: pu: package quassel/0.6.3-2)

On Sat, 2011-09-10 at 00:54 +0200, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> A security issue within quassel was reported:
> http://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/TEMP-0640960-84D05E
> The quassel chat server can crash in case of some requests:
> http://bugs.quassel-irc.org/issues/1095
> This issue has been discussed with SecurityTeam on IRC with pabs.
> We agreed to do a regular stable upload as the criticality is not that high.

A package containing the fix for this issue was included in today's
point release.  During the final stages of the process, we discovered
that the updated packages also appear to have lost their translations:

| $ debdiff ftp/pool/main/q/quassel/quassel-data-kde4_0.6.3-2{,+squeeze1}_all.deb
| [The following lists of changes regard files as different if they have
| different names, permissions or owners.]
| Files in first .deb but not in second
| -------------------------------------
| -rw-r--r--  root/root   /usr/share/kde4/apps/quassel/translations/cs.qm
| [...]
| -rw-r--r--  root/root   /usr/share/kde4/apps/quassel/translations/zh_CN.qm
| Control files: lines which differ (wdiff format)
| ------------------------------------------------
| Installed-Size: [-3096-] {+520+}

Please could you have a look at this, and prepare an update which could
be included in the next point release?  (and most likely pushed via
squeeze-updates in the meantime)



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