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libmatroska: SONAME bump

[I'm not subscribed; please, Cc me in case of reply]

Hi all!

With new upstream release of libmatroska (we are now at 1.3.0), there has been a new bump for SONAME made by upstream.
They moved from libmatroska4 to libmatroska5.

So the source package 'libmatroska' would provide the library "libmatroska5" and the development library "libmatroska-dev". About the last one, two packages in the archives have b-deps against this devel lib:

 * mkvtoolnix, which requires libmatroska-dev (>= 1.1.0)
 * vlc, which requires libmatroska-dev (>= 0.8.0)

So there seems to be no problem with the dependencies. Or am I wrong?

I'm here to ask you which are the steps I'm supposed to follow to prevent any problem in the transition with this new upload. At first glance, there should be none but "asking before messing" is always the right choice ;-)

Thanks a lot for your kind replies.


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