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Re: [SRM] shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} update for stable?

On Sat, 2011-10-22 at 16:35 -0400, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> As a result of #646112, it has come to my attention that I made a
> packaging error in the shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} packages that released
> with Squeeze.  Incidentally, the problem also affects shorewall-lite and
> shorewall6-lite in Sid.  I have already fixed the latest version in the
> git repository and the fix will go into unstable at the next upload.
> Would this be something that the stable release manager's might consider
> for the next point release?  If so, can I proceed wth an upload to
> s-p-u?

I'd like to see debdiffs before a final ACK, but I'd be inclined to say
yes based on the information provided so far.

Does this also affect the version of shorewall-lite in lenny?



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