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[SRM] shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} update for stable?

As a result of #646112, it has come to my attention that I made a
packaging error in the shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} packages that released
with Squeeze.  Incidentally, the problem also affects shorewall-lite and
shorewall6-lite in Sid.  I have already fixed the latest version in the
git repository and the fix will go into unstable at the next upload.

The result of this issue is that there is some brokenness for specific
users.  This occurs when a particular setting is enabled in the
respective package's configuration file to restrict the kernel modules
that got loaded to only those listed in the helpers file.  The packaging
error that I made was to not include the default helpers file.  I have
attached the two helpers files that would need to be included in the
update.  The first file would be included in shorewall and
shorewall-lite and the second file in shorewall6 and shorewall6-lite.

The files are already shipped in the respective .orig.tar.gz that are in
the archive.  The packaging change would be to install the file into
/usr/share/shorewall{,6,-lite,6-lite} in the binary packages.

Would this be something that the stable release manager's might consider
for the next point release?  If so, can I proceed wth an upload to



Roberto C. Sánchez

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